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Oh Baby!  Smile you're on camera

We will start filming students videos in the cafeteria starting in January 2020. We will have short video chats with any 2020 Senior throughout the year to be shown on the video screen prior to graduation. Look for more information from Mr. Butler and the LTHS Student Council coming soon!

Parents, we also your baby photos of your students at Project Graduation. 

These photos will NOT be returned, so don't send originals.  Drop off your photos in envelopes, labeled: "Project Grad Baby Pictures".   A box will be in the Front Office starting January 10th. 

Photos are due by April 3rd, please start turning them in as soon as possible.

Baby Pictures Details

You can email to

Pictures should be of Your Child Only. (No Family or Friends).

18 months or younger.


No Naked Pictures. 

Write Senior's Name and Parent's Phone Number on the back, in case we need to reach you.

Seniors compete for prize $$ to see who can correctly identify the most babies.

Our Mission
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